Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Bird ID Quiz

What with work and all the rain we've been having, I haven't had any time for birdwatching this week. So today I'm recycling a bird ID quiz that I posted some years ago.

This quiz focuses on some of the more common large birds that you're likely to see if you're out and about in the countryside in southeast Texas.

The first video has 3-4 second clips of the birds for you to ID.

If, after watching this video, you're not sure of some of the IDs, watch the second video. This repeats the clips but this time each clip is accompanied by a clue or hint to prompt you towards the correct ID.

When you're ready to check your answers, go to the third video. This shows the birds and their names.

BTW, I'm sorry some of the clips are very wobbly. It's hard to keep the camera still when you're filming without a tripod with the zoom at 25X. A tripod would help but I already have enough to lug around without adding a tripod.

Good luck!

Quiz Video

Video with ID Hints

Video Answers

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