Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Best Free Show in Texas

On Sunday we took the ferry from Galveston to Bolivar. I love the ferry! Not just is it free but the ride always produces some interesting sightings.

In the summer, you can usually count on seeing Magnificent Frigatebirds, and Sunday was no exception. Five circled high above the ferry as soon as we boarded and we spotted two more a few minutes later.

Last time we took the ferry, we saw a score of dolphins. This time there were fewer but they started appearing even before the boat left the dock. They were unusually active, with several of them leaping completely out of the water. Unfortunately, I didn't get a single photo.

I did a little better with pelicans. Three Brown Pelicans came within feet of the ferry's side while we were leaving the harbor.

However, the true stars of the show are always the Laughing Gulls. Some fly alongside.

Some prefer to find a good perch.

These two also found a good place to hang out ...

and they protested loudly whenever another bird would try to join them.

However, the real action is at the stern, because this is where people go and throw bread and other tidbits. The birds jostle for position even before the first piece of food is thrown.

Then the real action begins.

I'll blog on Thursday about what we saw when we got to Bolivar.




Birdwoman said...

Whenever we go to Galveston, my husband insists on a ferry ride. It's always his favorite part of the trip.

Jeff said...

Mine, too. There's always something to see. And how many things are free these days?