Monday, September 28, 2009

Mercer Botanical Gardens

As I mentioned in my previous post, I dropped in to Mercer Botanical Gardens on my drive home from John Pundt Park.

The gardens were as stunning as always but I was disappointed to find there were no butterflies. Extraordinary! Millions of beautiful flowers but not a single butterfly.

So as at Pundt Park, I had to lower my sights. And once again I was surprised. This time it wasn't fungi but lizards. It seemed that every second or third rock was occupied by some type of lizard warming itself up in the sun that was just starting to break through the clouds.

We get plenty of geckos and anoles in our yards but these were very different creatures and I thought they looked magnificent against the various rocks they were climbing on.

My final sighting was of a toad hopping happ
ily down the path unnoticed by the dozens of visitors entering the gardens.

On Sunday we're off to Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula. Given my recent luck with birding, we probably won't see very many birds!

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