Friday, December 31, 2010

Back Home

Back home from our trip and back to more familiar stomping grounds.

Two days before Christmas I met up with a friend from work and his family to show them around 40 Acre Lake at Brazos Bend State Park.

I got there early and did a quick visit to Creekfield Lake. There were Black Vultures everywhere in the trees; I counted 70 of them.

As always, the water had lots of Common Moorhens.

Over 100 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks were just getting ready to face the day.

Over at 40 Acre, a couple of hundred American Coots (with some Blue-winged Teal) were huddled up trying to keep out of the cold wind.

I was hoping for some new 2010 birds but we saw only the usual suspects, like these White Ibis.

The kids were hoping for alligators - of course - and luckily there were several, including one that was a decent size.

All in all, a quiet morning and rather an anticlimax after our trip to Big Bend.


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