Monday, December 20, 2010

CyFair Campus

On Wednesday I took my last walk round the campus before our trip to Big Bend.

The entrance to the nature trail is now graced by a fine wooden footbridge built by a boy scout. 
Our N Mockingbirds have already started using the bridge as a perch.

It was fairly quiet for birds, except for the calls of an Eastern Phoebe ...

and the constant chipping of Yellow-rumped Warblers.

Butterflies were largely absent, too. The only one I saw was this very battered Red Admiral.

There was no sign of American Robins or Cedar Waxwings, both of which are normally present on the campus in large numbers by this time of year. They may just have started migrating late. Or they may have arrived, taken one look at all the changes made to the campus this year and decided to look for a new site.

Just as I was leaving to go back to my office, I was thrilled to see a Red-tailed Hawk circle overhead. Our resident pair did not appear at all during the summer but perhaps they have decided to set up home on the campus again. I hope so.


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