Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

Early on Sunday I drove down to Cullinan Park. Unfortunately, there were very few birds around - except for ducks - and it was bitterly cold.So after 20 minutes I gave up and drove back up Highway 6 to Bear Creek Park, where I bumped into Jim Hinson again.

We spent a couple of hours birding together, looking for Dark-eyed Juncos. We didn't have any luck with these but there were plenty of other birds around, including four Pine Siskins in one tree at the same time.

There were several woodpeckers, too, including a Northern Flicker.

As seems to be normal this year, there were Eastern Phoebes everywhere.

At 11:00, I left Jim and headed home, taking one final swing along Fox Road as I went. It was there that I came across a Red-tailed Hawk perched among the trees. I love Red-taileds and so I just had to stop to admire the bird. She seemed to be feeling the cold as much as I was, because she had one foot tucked up into her beast feathers. Perhaps because of the cold, she stayed where she was and let me take a series of photos.



Dave said...

Again nice images Jeff.

Isnt it great when raptors trust you enough to allow you to get fairly close (COLD OR NO COLD!)

Jeff said...

It's odd, I know, but I tend to talk to birds as I approach them, to make it clear I'm not sneaking up on them. It seems to work most of the time!