Monday, July 04, 2011

Old and New Friends

When we moved into our house in Cypress six years ago, we used to get regular visits from Mourning and Inca Doves. Then the larger and more assertive White-winged Doves arrived and soon took over. It seems there are always at least two or three White-winged in our yards and we often have two or three dozen. As a result, we haven't seen an Inca Dove here for several years and have had only the very occasional visit by solitary Mourning Doves. So I have been pleased to see a pair of Mourning Doves visiting regularly over the past week.

There has been another welcome development in our yards, too. Until last month we had rarely seen American Robins here. One or two might show up every few months but they would never stay. However, one Robin came early in June and has been a regular visitor ever since. He (or is it She?) usually comes when I am watering the front yard and he hunts for worms and grubs in the damp earth.

I love watching him as he wanders around, cocking his head to listen for the sound of prey beneath the surface and then quickly digging out the hapless worm or bug.

Birds being birds, the Robin's actions haven't gone unnoticed by other Robins and so I sometimes look out of our windows to see three or four of them patrolling our lawn and flower beds. I hope they keep coming!

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