Saturday, July 30, 2011

Peanuts Again

.Over the past couple of days I've kept putting out peanuts on our fence and the Blue Jays and other birds that have continued to come in to eat them have been keeping us entertained.

Young Northern Cardinals have been the most frequent visitors ...

but a couple of their parents have also dropped by.

A Carolina Wren has taken to checking out the situation and usually goes off with the biggest nut it can find. 

Although I didn't manage to get photos, the nuts have also attracted at least a few House Sparrows, House Finches and even a White-winged Dove.

I was pleased to see that some Carolina Chickadees finally managed to get a look in. One spent a while holding down chunks of nut with its feet while it picked at them.

Then  it seemed to decide that it was missing out by focusing only on pieces of broken peanuts and so flew away with a much bigger prize.

All the activity on the fence has attracted Northern Mockingbird. One juvenile was content to watch intently from the nearby shed roof. A younger Mockingbird was bolder and flew down to the fence. Unable to work out how to deal with the nuts itself, it tried begging food from one of its parents.

Unfortunately, the "parent" was actually an older sibling, who looked surprised and perhaps even a little indignant at being mistaken for a parent.

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