Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Finches Are Sick

.We're really worried about the fifteen or so House Finches that regularly visit our feeders. A couple of weeks ago, one had growths on its eyes and legs, the hallmarks of avian pox. It isn't a directly life-threatening disease but birds that can't see well can easily fall prey to cats and other predators. We've tried to make an extra effort to keep our feeders and birdbaths clean in order to limit the spread of the disease, but now a second Finch has caught it.

The first bird no longer has growths on its legs but its eyes are still a mess - and it has lost its tail, probably to a cat.

The second bird is a youngster and its eyes are a terrible mess.

We might empty our feeders for a while to stop the birds congregating here but, given the heat, I don't think we can stop supplying water for our bird visitors. And if the birdbaths are full, I suspect the Finches will just keep on turning up in their usual numbers.

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*cc said...

I saw a finch at our feeder today with "weird" looking eyes and found your site. SO similar- not sure if its conjunctivitis or pox. I can't take down the water. It's just heartbreaking to even think of in the heat, but will clean feeders with bleach soln. How did your story turn out in 2011?