Friday, March 02, 2012


.We arrived at Bolivar Beach around noon on Sunday. It was almost empty of people - and unfortunately there weren't many birds either.

A few Cormorants were drying their wings at the water's edge.

A couple of dozen Sanderlings were dashing about on the sand or wading in the shallows.

There were Laughing Gulls aplenty but only three terns, all Royal Terns.

The occasional Ruddy Turnstone trotted by.

Our Mexican friend couldn't believe the size of this Marbled Godwit's bill.

Several Neotropic Cormorants guarded the entrance to the shorebird sanctuary.

At first we thought this section of beach was empty of birds. Then we saw them: American Avocets. 

It was impossible to get an accurate count of the Avocets but I guesstimated their number at 6,000-7,000. Not the biggest number we have ever seen on Bolivar but not at all bad!

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Dave said...

Jeff some wonderful images here. The Avocets are a lovely bird and the numbers are superb. A great selection of other waders too... Sanderlings are very special

A good day by the shore!