Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hill Country Trip: Part 4

Tuesday morning I got up before (a very foggy) dawn, bought a bag of birdseed at HEB in Uvalde and drove the 20 miles up toNeal's Lodges. I spread some of the seed around the feeders near Cabin 56 and then headed back to Uvalde to collect Dee. My hope was that the fog would have lifted and birds would have discovered the seed by the time we returned.

As it turned out, it was still foggy when Dee and I reached Neal's Lodges, and so it was difficult to get photos. However, the seed had certainly attracted plenty of birds!

First up was a Spotted Towhee, always a pleasure to see. This particular bird kept returning to feed every few minutes over the hour we watched.

Next up were a couple of Black-throated Sparrows, to my mind the most beautiful of all the sparrows.

A dozen or more Chipping Sparrows constantly searched for seeds on the ground while male and female Lesser Goldfinches checked out the feeders or perched on branches above them.

A pair of Pyrrhuloxias would creep up, take a few seeds and then disappear back into the bushes.

Black-crested Titmice were among the most common visitors. Sometimes they came for water.

Sometimes they came for seed.

There were other, more common birds also, of course. Several Northern Cardinals hovered around, occasionally popping in for a snack, as did some Carolina Chickadees and House Finches.

So, although the fog had made photography difficult, our second visit to Neal's Lodges had turned out to be much more successful than our first one and that one bag of seed from HEB had certainly more than repaid its cost.

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