Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CyFair Campus

The nature trail on the campus has been very quiet this past week but the retention ponds have continued to have plenty of activity.

While I don't see our resident Snowy Egret every day, our Great Egret is always around.

The number of Ring-billed Ducks and American Coots has dropped to maybe a dozen of each species but the number of Redheads seems to have increased to eight.

The ducks and coots share the water with quite a few Red-eared Sliders.

Away from the ponds, one of our several Loggerhead Shrikes has taken to hanging out in a parking lot.

Away from the ponds Northern Mockingbirds are a common sight.

The males sometimes choose the oddest spots from which to sing for mates.

Our male Great-tailed Grackles are clearly also on the lookout for mates.


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