Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Success at Last!

At 8:00 on Saturday morning I was back in Bear Creek Park once more hoping to see the Greater Pewee.

Sullins Way was very quiet for birds, except for a large flycatcher on top of one of the tallest trees. Although the bird was posed against the light, it seemed clearly to be a Couch's Kingbird.

I moved over to Golbow, where two birders suggested I look for the Pewee in back of restroom #9. In return, I led them over to Sullins to show them where I had seen the Kingbird.

Back at restroom #9, a small flock of Pine Warblers, Eastern Bluebirds and Carolina Chickadees was moving through the trees.

Then a different bird appeared. Yes, the Greater Pewee!

After watching and photographing the Pewee, I headed to Sullins Way again to see if the Kingbird was still around. I didn't have any luck relocating the bird but I did get to watch a Merlin.

And, of course, the Merlin got to  watch me.



Dave said...

Got it then Jeff..... :) Well done

Jeff said...

Took a while, Dave, but got lucky in the end.