Thursday, March 06, 2014


For what seems like the first time in weeks, we finally had a bright, sunny morning. I took advantage of the better weather to do a quick walk around some parts of the campus.

A Great Egret was posing in the drainage channel on the northern edge of the college property.

Nearby a Great Blue Heron was shaking out his feathers.

On the nature trail, there were no Cedar Waxwings in evidence and so the most numerous birds by far were White-winged Doves. In some trees they were lined up along every branch.

Seeing them in the morning sunlight reminds you that they are really quite striking birds.

Yellow-rumped Warblers and an Eastern Phoebe were busy fly-catching.

I spent a few minutes trying to pish up a Wren, but all I attracted were Northern Mockingbirds.

The last birds I saw on my walk were a group of Savannah Sparrows. One of them let me get close enough that you can see traces of its breakfast around the bird's bill.


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