Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday at Home

As we are planning to visit High Island today (Sunday), we spent yesterday at home. It was another beautiful spring day.

Both of our American Robins were enjoying our front yard.

Although most of our winter birds have left, we still have a few Chipping Sparrows. We'll be sad when they leave, which will probably be soon now.

Our only male Ruby-throated Hummingbird visited the feeder in our backyard from time to time, never staying long enough for me to get a really sharp picture.

While I was watching for him, I was surprised to see a female Ruby-throated sneaking in to the feeder.

Dee has been putting raw peanuts out on our fence for the young Blue Jays that have been regular visitors lately. The birds really appreciate the nuts and will beg loudly when none are left. 

Unfortunately, the squirrels sometimes get to the nuts first.

White-winged Doves are partial to nuts also, although the squirrel had left none for this one.

We've had the same pair of House Finches visiting our feeders for several months. However, a different male has now turned up. Male House Finches are usually red but this one is a so-called "orange variant". In reality, as you can see from the photo, he's more yellow or gold than orange.

Coast Trip
In a couple of hours we're driving down to High Island to see if any spring migrants have arrived. While we're there, we'll no doubt look in at the wading bird rookery and we'll probably also check out Rollover Pass for gulls, terns, plovers etc. With any luck I should have some interesting photos to post next week.  


Jen said...

Have you heard they are planning to close Rollover Pass? They want to fill it in.

I only visit Shangri-la when I'm already in the area, or headed to Louisiana. High Island is better.

Jeff said...

I've heard the same about Rollover, Jen. I hope it isn't true. We were there yesterday and it was packed with birds.