Saturday, March 08, 2014

More from CyFair

Yesterday was another pleasant, if rather windy day on the CyFair campus.

I saw several flocks of Cedar Waxwings, and then there was this bird, perched hundreds of feet away from all the other Waxwings and having its feathers ruffled by the wind.

Several male Purple Martins were also being bothered by the wind as they tried to check out the gourds that will serve as nesting sites over the coming weeks.

We're lucky not to see many invasive species on the campus. I've never seen a House Sparrow there and Rock Doves/Pigeons are also very rare visitors. However, we do regularly get European Starlings, which compete with the Martins for nesting sites.

The two large retention ponds at the college have been surprisingly empty of ducks and other water birds this winter. However, a new park with a large pond recently opened just across Barker Cypress and we occasionally get a spillover from their flocks of American White Pelicans and Cormorants.

I wish some of the many ducks that use the park would also spill over onto the campus ponds but this hasn't happened yet!

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