Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Time No See

Our first two years in Texas we lived in Spring and the most regular visitors to our feeders were Tufted Titmice, among our favorite of all birds. So when we moved to Cypress almost 8 years ago, we were disappointed to find that Tufted Titmice only occasionally appeared in our yards. After a couple of years, we stopped seeing Titmice almost completely, perhaps because most oak trees have disappeared from our area.

So we were delighted late last week and then on the weekend when three Titmice turned up and kept exploring our backyard and those of our neighbors. Here's one of them.

We're now hoping that the birds are not just passing through our subdivision but will decide to take up residence here. I guess we'll soon find out!


Birdwoman said...

Wonderful little birds and among my favorites to watch. I hope they decide to settle in your yard.

Jeff said...

We're really hoping so. I've even put extra food out to try to entice them to stay.