Saturday, August 04, 2012

Utah Trip: Part 3

On our way back from Zion NP, we drove down backroads to reach Grafton, the site of a ghost town.

As everywhere in this area, the landscape was stunning. Utah must be a geologist's dream.

The current remains of the ghost town consist of just three buildings. One is a small house.

The other two are more interesting.

One is the old church.

The third building used to be the meeting house.



We visited in the middle of a very hot afternoon and so birds were scarce. A couple of House Finches flitted through the trees, while a flock of Wild Turkeys huddled in the shade.

Just as we arrived in Grafton, there was an odd screeching noise overhead. Looking up we saw three Prairie Falcons fly by. As adult Prarie Falcons are normally silent birds, I assume that what we saw and heard was a juvenile complaining vocally as it followed its parents.

Still to Come
Our plan for Tuesday was to drive up to stay with family in Cedar City, stopping off along the way to explore the Kolob Canyons secton of Zion NP.

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Dave said...

Stunning Jeff

Wow - it must be something else to be walking underneath those rocky mountains.

Lovely post, I have been away so will catch up on posts 1 & 2