Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kalispell, Montana

After arriving in Kalispell from Glacier Park, I spent a little time in one of the town parks. The residents included Black-billed Magpies, Ring-billed Gulls and Canada Geese.

However, I was surprised to find lots of pairs of Wood Ducks there.

The park had plenty of Cedar Waxwings, too.

It also had a young American Robin that looked to be in a very agitated state!

The next day I checked out a local nature reserve, where I was greeted by Black-capped Chickadees.

An Osprey was a fine sight in the morning sky.

Northern Flickers were calling and hammering everywhere in the reserve.

As I was leaving, I had great views of a pair of adult males who appeared to be carrying out some kind of ritual. For over 5 minutes the one on the left constantly ducked and bowed to the one on the right.

If one had been a female, I would have assumed it was a mating display. Since they were both male, I have no idea what the ritual was about!

After the reserve it was time for me to start the drive back to Missoula -  stopping off at a few birding sites along the way, of course.