Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sheldon Lake

When I visited Colorado and Montana last month, I was bowled over by the beauty of the mountain scenery in Rocky Mountain and Glacier National Parks. I was constantly asking myself why on earth I live in flat-as-a-pancake southeast Texas.

However, after getting back to Houston, it took only a brief visit to Sheldon Lake Environmental Center to remind me why I like southeast Texas. It's because the whole area is just bursting with life - plant life, bird life, insect life, reptile life ...

Let me show you what I mean by giving a quick photo report on just some of the wildlife I saw in 90 minutes at Sheldon.

New Feature
I was impressed to see that Sheldon Lake now has a fantastic new observation tower, which even has an elevator!

From the top you get great views of the lake.

In a few months the tower should also make it possible to get good views of the large flock of Snow Geese that usually winters on the site.

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